Company overview

Banana-Moon Sky Films is a Toronto-based film production company that specializes in… Oh, screw it. You want the truth? Here it is:

My name is Jonas Chernick. I’m an actor / screenwriter. Sometimes I act in other people’s projects. Sometimes I write stuff for other people. And sometimes I write movies for myself to act in. When I do that last thing, I also produce those movies. And by produce, I don’t mean that I negotiate with the real producer to give me a “producer” credit. I mean produce.

I pitch the movies to distributors, raise the financing, attach the cast, assume the risk, deal with the lawyers, accountants, banks, insurance, put out the fires, hire the crew, oversee the marketing and publicity, apply to the festivals, manage the tax credit applications, blah, blah, blah.

The first time I did it (2013’s “My Awkward Sexual Adventure”), I hated producing so much I swore I’d never do it again. A wise, experienced friend (who also has produced his own movies) said “Oh, yes you will. Just wait and see.”

He was right.

So welcome to the Banana-Moon Sky Films website. Stay as long as you’d like. But please – try to refrain from sending me your script and asking me to produce it. Because unless I wrote it, and I’m playing a juicy role in it, I’d rather soak my genitalia in battery acid than produce your movie. No offense. I’m sure it’s a good project.